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In 2019, the Visafruit story commenced. We´re determined that to increase sales faster, we needed to move to the US to focus and guide efforts. There I would be able to use my Marketing and Communication degree and my love of sales to begin the challenge of
introducing Visafruit to the US.

During a person's childhood, the things we are exposed to can play a significant role in who we become. In my childhood home, business was one of the most common topics of dinnertime conversation. During those days, I worked any opportunity I could even on holidays gathering knowledge, experience, and learning the value of work and money. From my upbringing, I learned three key lessons about running a business that I still use today at my company, Visafruit LLC.

Where we´re today

Since January 2021, we´ve been managing and selling of Visafruit. Our company is one of the world´s leading importers and distributors that sell the best fresh, frozen, and dehydrated pineapple. The infrastructure of growers and packer is located in different areas of Costa Rica.

Work Process

What to expect from us

We won’t send you anything we wouldn’t serve to our own family. That’s why we’re confident in saying we sell the best pineapple from Costa Rica, fresh lives here. Our main straightnesses are the capabilities and consistently high quality, good taste, food safety, traceability, environmental responsibility, and social accountability. Those have been the main keys to the success of our company Grupo VISA and brand Visafruit.

About Us

Welcome to Visafruit

We deliver pineapple programs that meet your specs and price point.


We are direct importers of fresh and process pineapple to USA and Canada.

Family Standards
Only the best pineapples, as if serving our own family
Key Strengths

High quality, taste, safety, traceability, and responsibility 

Success Factors
Visafruit's achievements driven by commitment to excellence

Excellency is our goal

Our customers distinguish our company as an excellent flavor product, which allows us to keep growing as a good and important supplier in the United States market.

We also have been continuously improving in customer service and logistical management to be able to deliver to our Customers according to their needs.

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Visafruit is a company that has managed and positioned itself in the fresh pineapple market in the United States and Canada. We currently distribute our delicious product to supermarkets, processors, and wholesalers.

The time has come for new challenges and emerging adding value to our product. For this reason, we are developing the market of concentrated and non-concentrated pineapple juice, and dehydrated pineapple with our own brand Tropi Snack and private label. We would like to expand the frozen pineapple market in its different presentations.

Our headquarters, in 2023, inaugurates its new frozen product production plant, classified by experts as the most modern in all of Central America, which is why we want to be the leading company in the import and distribution of frozen pineapple in the United States. 
Our ideal is to satisfy the palates of consumers with products that contribute to health at any time and place, due to their excellent flavor and nutritional properties.

Client Testimonials

What our clients say

We pride ourselves on making sure every client is satisfied. Here’s what a few of our clients say about us…

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    Aliments Bercy

    Montreal | Canada

    Grateful for exceptional service & quality fruit. Your dedication aligns with our values. Cheers to ongoing, fruitful collaboration from Montreal.

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    Oregon Potato Co.

    Oregon | USA

    Appreciate Visa for pandemic support, excellent pineapple, and reliable service. Aiming for long-term growth.

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    Sun Leaf Foods

    California | USA

    Thank you for the warm hospitality, the tour of the beautiful Finca Joselyn and the educational insight into your production process. We appreciate your excellent products and service.

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