Quality is crucial for a pineapple export company; it drives taste, freshness, and customer satisfaction


Traceability in pineapple exports ensures product safety, quality, and fosters consumer trust


We build trust, ensuring quality and fairness


Visafruit ensures reliable quality, efficient delivery, and customer satisfaction

4 Years Of experience
about us

Visafruit is a company
managed and positioned in the fresh pineapple market in the USA and Canada

We currently distribute our delicious product to supermarkets, processors and wholesalers all the United States and Canada.

Distributions Services

We distribute in the USA and Canada

Pineapple Import-Export Services

Distribution to independents stores nationwide

Distribution nationwide by MrCheckOut USA
Chilled Delights: The Frozen Pineapple
The refreshing delight of frozen pineapple fruit
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Pouring Sunshine: The Pineapple Juice
Immersing in the tangy-sweet burst of pineapple juice
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Unearthing the Versatile: The Cassava Root
Cassava, a resilient, nutrient-rich, and versatile root
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Taste of Purity: Dehydrated Pineapple
Experience Costa Rica´s sweet, 100% natural, no-additive dehydrated pineapple
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What we do

What You Can Do
with Visafruit

Supply Supermarkets

Visafruit seeks contracts with supermarkets, supplying them with fresh and frozen pineapples, cassava, pineapple juice, and dehydrated pineapple.

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Empower Consumers

By focusing on high standards and excellent customer service, Visafruit empowers consumers with healthier, high-quality produce and products

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Serve Caterers

The company aims to establish relationships with catering service companies, providing top quality, tropical products for their menus.

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Expand Distribution

With a vision to reach more states, Visafruit actively works to broaden its distribution throughout the North American market.

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Client Testimonials

What our clients say

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    Grateful for exceptional service & quality fruit. Your dedication aligns with our values. Cheers to ongoing, fruitful collaboration from Montreal.

    Aliments Bercy

    Montreal | Canada
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    Appreciate Visa for pandemic support, excellent pineapple, and reliable service. Aiming for long-term growth.

    Oregon Potato Co.

    Oregon | USA
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    Thank you for the warm hospitality, the tour of the beautiful Finca Joselyn and the educational insight into your production process. We appreciate your excellent products and service.

    Sun Leaf Foods

    California | USA
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Our Commitment

The Most Reliable Professional Company for Pineapple

Visafruit is the most reliable professional company, specializing in pineapple cultivation, processing, and distribution. Our commitment to quality ensures the freshest, most flavorful pineapples, expertly grown and handled, making us the industry’s gold standard for pineapple-related products and services.



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