We deliver pineapple programs that meet your specs and price point.

We are growers exporting from Costa Rica to more than 22 countries worldwide

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Productos Agropecuarios VISA, founded in 1989.

Our brand started in Costa Rica with two partners: Villalobos & Salas to become VISA.

Now after two generations of working our land and with the help of more than 500 collaborators our family-owned business reaches Europe, Asia and the Americas.

We distribute to clients in the US through VISA Fruit LLC based in Houston, Texas.

Why choose us

The way we grow our products.

Food Safety

We are growers that demonstrate that our produce is grown and handled in a manner that meets regulatory requirements, protects the environment and is safe. We are committed to advancing Good Agricultural Practice to our retailers and buyers. Tesco Nurture and Global G.A.P. certified.

Social Responsibility

We actively target initiatives oriented to the improvement of the life quality in the communities where we have a presence. We ensure the fulfillment of the national legislation and international agreements ratified by Costa Rica and we respect the principles of the Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI)

What we do

Products We Produce


Pineapple packed in 12kg boxes
Crownless pineapple packed in 13.5kg boxes
Airplane delivery pineapple packed in 13kg boxes

Dried pineapple: Packed in 1kg, packed in 75g, Bulk packaging, Chunks bulk packaging and specific packing for customer also possible

Pineapple Juice NFC: Variety of packaging for aseptic and frozen products
IQF pineapple: Chunks 1/12 1kg, Tidbits 1/16 1 kg and Dices 10X10 1kg


Cassava packed in boxes of 16kg, 18kg and 23kg

Yam packed in boxes of 16kg, 18kg and 23kg


Rambutan by air packed in 2.27kg (5lbs) boxes
Availability from July to October



Client Oriented

Our Approach

We are growers conducting our farming operation under strict standards of excellence. We also distribute our own fruit allowing us to provide our clients with tailored services and lower prices.

We participate in international Agricultural Expos where we proudly showcase our achievements in farming. Some of our recent wins are AgroTech-2017, Agri Intex-2017, Vietstock-2016 and Solids-2016. Find us at the PMA this October 19-20 @ Costa Rica Booth #749.

We sell to 22 countries
Ethical trading
More than 12,000 farmed acres
Over six million pineapple boxes sold in 2017
Meet our team

Farmers who love their work

Erick Villalobos

We call Erick a crop scientist. He specializes in producing and improving food crops through conducting experiments and developing methods of production. He performs his job extremely well and we get great products to offer you. Contact with me  
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You deserve the best!

We are constantly educating ourselves and looking for emerging new markets to bring our best products to different destinations. We look forward to opening new possibilities that will allow us to keep growing so our brand can be in as many stores as possible. We would like to become your supplier.

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